• Parenting


    Does this sound like you?

    • You would like to feel more confident in your parenting.
    • You don’t understand the unique dynamics of your challenging child and wish to gain tools to deal with your intense child.
    • You would like to learn to create rules and consequences to bring about success in your child(ren).
    • You would like to feel calm, yell less, and have an overall happier house.
    • You desire to help your child(ren) see themselves in a more positive manner – feel great about who they are and much more confident which leads to better decisions and choices.
    • Control where and when you give your energy (i.e. relationship) and not get drawn into an argument or battle with your child over every seemingly little thing.
    • Increase your child’s vocabulary with Character quality words like – honest, cooperative, having integrity, considerate, responsible, on and on.
    • Desire to stop giving warnings and instead learn how to give clarity to your rules and expectations.
    • Have children who start to “catch” themselves before they act impulsively.
    • Have your children develop inner wealth in a way that they will be able to resist peer pressure, making poor choices, bullies, and all of what life throws at them.