• Telehealth


    Hansen Hearts Counseling recognizes the importance of continuing to serve the mental and behavioral health needs of our community, especially during a stressful time such as the coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19.

    At this time, I provide counseling services via a secure, HIPPA compliant video chat platform. No coming into the office is necessary! It is secure, simple to use and the same great service one would receive in office.

    Telehealth, or online counseling, is a great option for:

    • People who are quarantined, sheltered-in-place, or have situations where they cannot leave the home or are unable to travel
    • Individuals who are unsure about how therapy can help them and want to try online counseling first
    • Individuals who cannot take time off from work or want to meet more frequently than their work schedules will allow
    • People who live in rural areas with few counselors
    • Those days that weather does NOT permit driving or people who don’t like to drive
    • People with busy schedules that want help but don’t have a lot of time
    • People who are more comfortable talking at home or in a more informal setting
    • Individuals who want counseling and the convenience Telehealth offers